SCSI-3 Cable Questions

Foth, Tom fotht at
Tue Dec 5 08:54:00 PST 1995

We have a question concerning the conductor pair groupings within a SCSI-3 
differential-ended cable.
The spec states that round cable to be used with either single-ended or 
differential-ended transceivers
should have conductor groupings as follows:

     - Cable conductor pairs #47-48 (REQ) and #57-58 (ACK) shall be in the 
cable core.
     - Cable conductor pairs for the DATA BUS shall be in the outer layer of 
the cable.

Our question arises from the fact that those conductor pairs stated above 
are for single-ended devices,
the conductor pairs are different for differential-ended devices. Therefore, 
are the conductor pair
grouping requirements in the spec ONLY for single-ended devices and if you 
are going to be a
differential-ended device exclusively, do you need to have these cable 
conductor pairs grouped?

Lastly, does anyone know of a cable manufacturer that will manufacture a 
SCSI-3 cable with the PLENUM
coating. This coating is required so that the cables can be run under the 
floor in computer rooms.

Thank you,

Todd Main.
Tom Foth

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