FWD>X3T10, 1394, RAB, SFF,

Jim McGrath jmcgrath at qntm.com
Fri Dec 1 11:30:14 PST 1995

        Reply to:   FWD>X3T10, 1394, RAB, SFF, FCLC during January 8-12, 1996

A reminder to all that various meetings will be taking place in Dallas
during the week of January 8-12.  I have the following rooms reserved
for the various groups:

Monday, 8 - X3T10, 1394, FCLC
Tuesday, 9 - X3T10, 1394, RABCon
Wednesday, 10 - X3T10, RABCon, SFF
Thursday, 11 - X3T10, SFF

Please note the reservation cutoff date - ALMOST NO ONE HAS MADE THEIR
RESERVATIONS YET.  Given people's other priorities during the holiday season,
and the fact that the meeting is the first full week after the holidays,
make your reservations NOW.


                             January 8 - 12, 1996

HOSTED BY:         Quantum Corporation

LOCATION:          Doubletree Hotel at Park West
                   1590 LBJ Freeway
                   Dallas, TX 75234
                   Phone:  (214) 869-4300
                   Fax:  (214) 869-3295

ROOM RATE:         $105.00 + Tax

GROUP NAME:        X3T10

CUT-OFF DATE:      December 16, 1995 

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