X3T13 Organization Meeting Announcement

LJLamers at aol.com LJLamers at aol.com
Fri Dec 1 03:33:48 PST 1995

The organizational meeting for a new X3 Accredited Standards Committee,
X3T13, AT Attachment, will be held in January 1996. All interested parties
are invited to attend this meeting.  Questions regarding the meeting location
should be directed to the meeting host;  question regarding X3T13 should be
sent to Gene_Milligan at notes.seagate.com.

Meeting Announcement
Accredited Standards Committee Meetings
(X3T13 AT Attachement)

January 23-26, 1996

HOSTED BY:	Quantum

LOCATION:	Crown Sterling Suites
	901 East Calaveras Blvd. 
	Milpitas, California  95035
	Tel: 408-942-0400
	Fax: 408-262-8604

ROOM RATE:	$99  (includes breakfast)

GROUP NAME:	ASC X3T13 / AT Attachment

CUT-OFF DATE:	January 9, 1996


>From San Jose Airport: leave via the main exit (go straight ahead through the
traffic light onto Brokaw Road); take Brokaw Road to 880 North; exit onto
Calaveras East (the west direction is highway 237); proceed approximately 2
miles East; the hotel is on your left (it is very large and pink).

>From San Francisco Airport: as you leave main airport exit stay left and take
101 South towards San Jose.  Exit 101 onto 237 East (south of Palo Alto near
Ozinuka AirForce Base and Moffet Field, you will see the funny looking
airship hangers off to your left just before the exit).  Take 237 East over
880 (it is then Calaveras), into downtown Milpitas, over the train yard and
you are almost there.  If you pass under 680 you have gone too far and should
do a U-turn at the next intersection.

>From either airport:  Getting into the hotel parking lot is a bit tricky.
 When headed East on Calaveras you need to make a left turn at the
intersection just prior to the hotel, drive over the little bridge, make a
left at the first street and then an immediate left into the parking lot.  If
you miss this turn off, proceed under 680 and make a U-turn at the next
intersection.  When headed West on Calaveras there is an entrance to the
hotel parking lot immediately past the front door (not real obvious since
there is a merge lane for traffic exiting 680).

	Telephone: (408) 894-4504
	Facsimile: (408) 894-6375

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