SSA Reflector is now open

Tak Asami (Asami asami at
Fri Jan 7 22:05:56 PST 1994

	**** Western Digital Presents!!! ****
	****      SSA Reflector!!!       ****

SCSI Reflector is now available for hard-core fans.
In order to sign up (this is the important part, read carefully!),
send an e-mail to:

	majordomo at

with following line on it:

	subscribe ssa <your_full_internet_address>

DO NOT put anything else in the mail (or majordomo may screw up)
DO NOT send the stuff to me, unless you had trouble.

In case you need to unsubscribe yourself, send the following message
to majordomo:

	unsubscribe ssa <your_full_internet_address>

If your e-mail address move, you will need to re-subscribe with the
new address.  Please unsubscribe the old address at that time.
You can put both subscribe and unsubscribe commands in one e-mail.

You will get a friendly reply from majordomo to verify when the sign-up
is completed.

Once you are in, you can send the message to

	ssa at

and it will be reflected to everyone in the list.

Normal rules and etiquette for reflector usage apply, i.e., use your
common sense.  If you have an urge to send out a BIG message, please
send me (asami at a message, and we can arrange to put the
file on the ftp port instead.  Some people don't appreciate a huge

Though the system seems to be in good working order, we just put it to work, 
and needs some trial period.  If you detected any abnormal behavior, please
let me know.

Meanwhile, happy reflecting.

Tak Asami
Western Digital Corp.

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