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Mon Feb 28 07:15:47 PST 1994

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From:		Bob Snively, FCSI technical member
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Date:		February 28, 1994


A number of FCSI profile documents and the associated cover letters
are available through the FTP server

They are available by anonymous FTP.  Use the appropriate
FTP command to sign in to the FTP server, then login as 


and use your internet sign-on as the password.  The
documents are found in the directory:


Except for this file, the files are all postscript files and should be 
printable by any standard print command to any standard postscript printer.  
The files are:		Cover letter for comments, dated Feb 15, 1994		FCSI-401-Rev 3, Review Comments for 
				FCSI SCSI Documents		Cover letter for documents, dated Feb 15, 1994		FCSI-001-Rev 1.0,  FCSI Profile Structure		FCSI-101-Rev 2.0,  FCSI Common FC-PH Feature
				Sets Used in Multiple Profiles		FCSI-201-Rev 2.0, FCSI SCSI Profile		FCSI-202-Rev 1.0, FCSI IP Profile	FCSI-301-Rev 1.0, Gigabit Link Module Specification

The cover letter contains review instructions and warnings 
about the use and misuse of these documents.  Please post a message
to the alias   fcsi-mail at   to indicate that you have obtained
a copy of these documents.

If you requested the previous editions of the documents for delivery by US
mail, you are on the mailing list already and the updated documents will
be mailed to you this week.

All FCSI communications, including comments about the documents and 
additional requests for copies of the documents,  can be made 

	by e-mail:
			fcsi-mail at

	by FAX or mail to:

		Gladys Petel, FCSI Administration
		Sun Microsystems   UMTV16-10
		2550 Garcia Ave.
		Mountain View, CA 94043-1100

		FAX:  (415) 964-0706

Bob Snively

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