Comments on Jeff Stai's Autosense comments.

Erich Oetting eros at
Mon Feb 14 13:25:36 PST 1994

>> Regarding item 1: I tend to prefer option b), even if the protocol does
>> not support autosense. I recall, however, that way back in the deep
>> dark mists of early SCSI-1, we had a status code of "RECOVERED ERROR"
>> (code 0x01). It really meant "not an error, but I do have sense data if
>> you want it". I just mention it as a possibility if folks really want
>> a general solution.

    Recovered error is still around and should use autosense to return 
    the sense data. 
>> In any case the tape guys should be chiming in here. It seems that a
>> good tape implementation would perhaps want to return sense on EVERY
>> command, to return the state of Filemark and EOM, etc. Perhaps we need
>> a (shudder) MODE parameter to select the behavior?

   The tape command set is designed to return check condition when the
   host needs to know about Filemark, EOM and ILI.  There is not a need
   to return sense on commands that return good status.  Tape guys need
   to build sense often enough as it is.

   ... Erich

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