Open issues from January 11 SAM working group

Jeff Stai stai at
Thu Feb 10 09:27:35 PST 1994

Regarding item 1: I tend to prefer option b), even if the protocol does
not support autosense. I recall, however, that way back in the deep
dark mists of early SCSI-1, we had a status code of "RECOVERED ERROR"
(code 0x01). It really meant "not an error, but I do have sense data if
you want it". I just mention it as a possibility if folks really want
a general solution.

In any case the tape guys should be chiming in here. It seems that a
good tape implementation would perhaps want to return sense on EVERY
command, to return the state of Filemark and EOM, etc. Perhaps we need
a (shudder) MODE parameter to select the behavior?

Also, Option a) should include CONDITION MET, for completeness.

Regarding item 2: Option b) seems more deterministic. If the initiator
wants the ACA command aborted, it should do it explicitly.

Comments? Rocks?

jeff stai
western digital corp
stai at

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