Command Queuing and SAM

Tue Feb 8 15:51:21 PST 1994

                      Subject:                              Time:  2:55 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         Command Queuing and SAM               Date:  2/8/94

Is it required by SAM that any SCSI protocol support all of the traditional 
queuing functions (e.g. head of queue, ordered, abort, clear queue, etc...). ?  
It would be a goodness if only unordered queuing and some abort function (reset 
anyone) be required.

The reason I am opening this is because of ATA command queuing, where I want to 
develop a very simple solution.  Functions other than unordered are either 
useless or can be emulated by the host (i.e. just send down commands one at a 
time for ordered commands).  This simplification should help in making queuing 
easier for ATA implementations.

Feedback is appreciated.


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