Jim McGrath /G=Jim/S=McGrath/O=QMAILGW/PRMD=QUANTUM/ADMD=MCI/C=US/ at qntm.com
Tue Feb 1 18:55:28 PST 1994

                      Subject:                              Time:  5:27 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         Ultra SCSI SFF SSWG                   Date:  2/1/94

To jump start further work on Bill Ham's proposal for Ultra SCSI (20 and 40 Mega 
transfers per second on parallel SCSI), Quantum is holding a SFF SSWG on the 
topic on Wednesday, May 2 at the Crown Sterling Suites Hotel in Milpitas CA.

Draft Agenda is as follows:

    Update from Bill on single ended testing
    Discussion of period and setup and hold times for 20 Megatransfers per 
    Thoughts on 40 Megatransfers per second

Quantum views this effort as complimentary and preceding the anticipated Ultra 
SCSI work to be done in X3T10.  We hope to report on this meeting during the 
March X3T10 meeting.  We anticipate another local meeting during April, and a 
meeting at the June Plennary.  By this time we hope that technical issues will 
have been resolved.  We also hope a SPI-2 SD3 will have been approved so that 
this effort can continue within X3T10.  View this as a "Local Bus IDE" SSWG 
focused on SCSI.

Ground rules for technical discussion include the acceptance of SPI as the basis 
for further electrical work, and limiting changes to the minimum necessary to 
accomplish 20 Megatransfers per second.  Right now only the period, setup, and 
hold times need to change.  Other changes will be discussed, but the goal is to 
get a large amount of leverage from our SPI work.  If that is not possible, then 
Ultra SCSI SFF effort is not necessary, since is will be impossible to get a 
"fast track" agreement on the technical issues.

40 Megatransfers per second in a secondary issue that will be discussed as time 


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