T10 ISO Status Report - 2018/04/18

ISO Proj.AcronymPart Num.Last Step CompletedComments SC25 sends FDIS to JTC1 for publishing NWIP Approved
1.25.13.__.___FCP-414776-224S3: SC25 started FCD ballotrestarted
1.25.13.__.___SFSC14776-481S3: FCD Ballot completed
1.25.13.__.___SPC-414776-454S6: SC25 sends FDIS to JTC1 for publishing
1.25.13.__.___SPL-314776-263S5: FDIS ballot complete

International Processing
StepBallot Duration
s1 Generate and approve New Work Item Proposal (NWIP)2 Months
s2 Convert ANSI text to First Committee Draft (FCD) Text 
s3 Approve FCD4 Months
S4 Edit Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) 
S5 Approve FDIS2 Months
S6 Publish International Standard (IS) 
S7 IS Published 
S8 IS Withdrawal