Tape Working Group Draft Agenda
Date: January 9, 2016
Time: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Location: Costa Mesa, CA

1.   Opening remarks and introductions
1.1    Meeting guidelines (Anti-trust) [Ballard]
1.2    Statement on patents [Ballard]
1.3    Meeting documents [Ballard]
1.4    Attendance [Ballard]
1.5    Gaining and losing voting membership [Ballard]

2.   Approval of agenda [Ballard]

3.   Approval of previous meeting minutes (16-240r0) [Ballard]

4.   Review of old action items [Butt]

5.   Old business
5.1    SSC-5 & SPC-5: SSC Cleaning Model (15-225r2) [Butt]
5.2    SSC-5 New cleaning model enhancements (16-078r2) [Ballard]
5.3    ADT-3 Simultaneous Sessions (13-195r1) [Torske]
5.4    SSC-5 Work Items (13-111r1) [Torske]
5.5    Features for ADC-4 (15-094r1) [Torske]
5.6    Features for ADT-3 (15-146r2) [Torske]
5.7    ADC-4 List of potential issues to resolve (15-076r2) [Butt]
5.8    ADT-3 Tighten device reset definition (15-143r1) [Ballard]
5.9    ADT-3 15-077r5 spreadsheet response (15-273r1) [Butt]
5.10   SSC-5 Encrypt only (16-233r8) [Ballard]

6.   New Business
6.1    SSC-5: Remove requirements from annexes (17-009r2) [Butt]
6.2    ADC4: Hold Bridging Manager Queue (17-052r1) [Butt]

7.   Project status
7.1    Next meeting requirements (Phoenix, AZ)

8.   Review of new action items [Butt]

9.   Review recommendations to plenary [Ballard]

10.  Adjournment